Fire Department

Fire Chief Darryl Payne
Station #1 - 27 Alma St. Norwood
Station #2 - 1818 Asphodel 3rd line
Phone (705) 639-5412 for general inquiries
Emergency call 9-1-1


    is a 35 member strong organization with two fire stations, one in Westwood and the other in Norwood. Seven fire response vehicles respond to a variety of emergencies, including fire suppression, motor vehicle accidents, medical assistance, shore-based ice/water rescue, public hazards, and farm, industrial and home accidents to name a few.
    Fire investigation, prevention and public education are an integral part of our service and is supported by many volunteer activities in collaboration with our Firefighters Association. A full description of services and our mission statement can be found in By-Law 2013-44.
    We are also one of seven participating municipalities that make up the Peterborough County Specialized Rescue Unit that provide response to high risk, but low frequency calls, including Technical Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Ice Water Rescue and Wilderness Search & Rescue.
    New recruits enroll in an intense program at the Eastern Ontario Fire Academy, here in Norwood when they are hired. Continued education is conducted through the 35 in house training nights and by attending other training opportunities such as Mutual Aid meetings, Fire College courses, etc.

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    The Fire Chief is also the Community Emergency Management Coordinator for the Municipality. Emergency preparedness messaging, events, and speaking engagements are conducted as well as the responsibility to maintain an Emergency Plan and meet training and simulation legislative requirements.


    By-law 2016-79 became effective August 23rd, 2016. There are three types of fires. Recreational Fires: for cooking or warmth, up to 1m2 in size, do not require a permit. Agricultural Fires: for rural or agricultural properties with a minimum of 5 acres, with the intent of burning only brush or vegetation, to a maximum size of 3m in length or width x 2m in height, a permit is required.
    And finally, Special Occurrence Fires: any desired fire that does not meet the intent of a Recreational Fire or Agricultural Fire, requires both a permit and a site inspection. Permits are available at the Municipal Office, Norwood Fire Station and the Norwood and Westwood Libraries.
    Details and a list of fines are included in the By-Law.


    Fire Prevention Week, which includes visits to local schools, the Norwood Fall Fair, Santa Clause Parade, Pancake Breakfast, Canada Day, Remembrance Day, Community Care Walk-a-thon and numerous fire station tours are some of the ways we connect to the community.

    Power Outages- What to do?


    In order for emergency service providers to locate you please ensure your 911 number is visible from the roadway. Working smoke alarms are required by law to be on every level of your home, including outside all sleeping areas. Test your alarm monthly, replace the batteries annually, replace your alarm after 10 years and have a Fire Escape Plan to ensure everyone makes it outside in the event of a fire.
    Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless, tasteless toxic gas. We recommend an alarm to detect this gas and keep your family safe.

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